A productive weekend


These are done. I finished them a few days ago, but didn’t get a chance to load the pictures. I’m pleased with them, and I hope they will find a good home!


Most of our weekends are productive. We like to get up early and run or work out, make lovely meals, run errands, see interesting things, do household projects. Every once in a while there’s a lazy weekend, but even on those “lazy” days, I’m knitting and Wes is watching how-to videos, thinking about building things or fixing things. We just aren’t people who know how to slow down, and it’s much more fun that way.

Yesterday, we got up and had a “lazy morning,” where Wes played games and I worked on the toes of my masterpiece socks before hearing off to the Raptor Center just outside of Charleston. We love owls, and seeing large and/or exotic birds up close is fun. Plus, I like to support the work they do. This guy, an African stork who is apparently about 45 years old, was the best.


On our way home, we stopped at the Asian market, the garden supply store, and the thrift store. I bought a couple very large men’s shirts for refashioning into dresses, repotted plants, made some Vietnamese-style pickles, and baked bread. It’s a whole wheat rosemary olive loaf, baked in the Dutch oven. I used my own rosemary from the back patio, and crumbled a bit of coarse salt over the top before baking. Heavenly!


I also worked some more on my “masterpiece socks.”


The saga of these socks has been ongoing since about February, when I made them the first time. They were born during opera rehearsals, and I finished them just in time to wear to our performances of Sweeney Todd in mid-March. The rest of the cast were excited to see the progress, and I was incredibly proud of such a complicated and impressive project. I winged the general construction, like I always do, and for the most part they look fabulous. They certainly photograph well. The two main issues, aside from the different materials and weights of the yarns involved, are that colorwork doesn’t stretch as much as I want it to (and I didn’t increase enough in the calves), and that I always think my feet are longer than they are. That means that they require a hell of an effort to put on (that non-stretchy thing is a pain when your heels are located between your feet and your calves…), and once they’re on, they’re squeezy in some places and slouchy in others. In exactly the opposite places from where you want, honestly. I’ve remade the toes twice and the heels once, which was possible thanks to my love affair with afterthought heels, but nothing seems to quite fix the issues well enough. I maybe have the feet at the right size now, but since it takes several minutes per sock to get the uppers over my heels, I didn’t have the commitment to try them both on. One was enough. Next comes the calf reconstruction, and I’m wondering whether I can snip the cuffs and Kitchener them back on after reworking just one or two of the particularly tight pattern charts… I think I might put them back on hold for a while. I should be calling them Frankensocks instead of a masterpiece.


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