This hat isn’t all that fancy. The colors are simple, the stitch is straightforward and not so visually interesting, but to scrunch this hat up in your hands and feel the springiness of the ribbing is a delight. The white yarn is handspun llama, which means it has the silkiness of alpaca with a bit more body. A few years ago, I made a pair of mitts with stripes in this stuff, and it unraveled after a couple of wears. These became my “patchwork” mitts, which I kept for myself since they started out slightly mismatched and not very attractive, after I took 10-inch sections of other yarns, in whatever color was handy, to patch the thinning or straight-up falling apart sections. They were colorful to begin with, since the base yarn was multicolor commercially spun stuff, but I think they’re kind of over-the-top now. Note the thumb bind off in green, the various patches of blue and green that don’t match the muted browns and Easter egg tones beneath it… Also note that I’ve worn them into a serious fluff.


All that is to say that the yarn now has a bit more twist in it (still one-ply, but much tighter) and I also held the yarn double for the ear band. Toasty, soft, and cute-but-simple. The color stripe around the top is a commercially spun wool blend. Nothing extremely special, just a stash-buster that adds some interest.

CIMG0492 Anyway, this hat, finished last night, is unisex (read: looks great on Wes and isn’t too complicated or girly for him), warm, soft, and ready for sale at Rendezvous in October (or sooner, if someone wants it!). That makes what, two hats down and eight to go? Perhaps I was a little ambitious in making that goal list.

I was left with a teensy-tiny bit of the llama, and so decided to make it an accent color/texture for a pair of mitts. Since I haven’t found mitts #1 yet (I swear I brought them to the Firefly gathering last month, but they haven’t turned up), these will have to take their place. I realized after I grabbed the yarn I planned to use for them that they’re the same dang colors of the hat I just finished, but since the goal is to complete about ten of each, I’ll have time to correct that imbalance.


Starting a new project is a fun and wonderful feeling. I don’t think I’m one of those knitters who  abandons projects in favor of the high of starting new projects, although the wool fumes do occasionally get to me. Generally, I’m happiest when I have two or three projects going at once. That means there’s a project with amazing potential just starting out, a project that’s happily coasting and making progress, and a project that can see the light at the end of the tunnel. That’s the idea, anyway. Sometimes that WIP in the middle stage just keeps waiting and waiting, feeling sad and neglected, hoping I’ll get back to it soon… Have I mentioned that sweater #2 has been stagnantly in progress for about four months now? There’s a reason I haven’t mentioned it, and that’s because I forgot about it until just now. That’s another post for another time.

For now, though, my middle WIP is these Ladybug socks.

CIMG0482They’re still not very far along, but tiny stitches don’t add up very quickly, so there you have it. I really like the texture of Meg’s yarn, and I can tell that whoever gets these socks will love how they feel on the feet. I may make them conveniently too small for Wes.


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