Knits on the beach and project update

I’ve never been a huge beach person, but living so close means I really have no excuse not to take advantage of the sun and refreshing water. We’ve been down to the water every couple weeks since it got very hot, which has been great fun! We like to go at odd hours (early in the morning or after dinner) so as not to intersect with the crowds, and it’s worked well for us. I’m still tickled by the novelty of knitting on the beach- if knitting socks in July (now August) is ridiculous, then knitting them in August on the beach is off the charts.

Today’s beach knit is an update to the lovely stripey socks I started earlier this week.


In addition to the sock progress (They’re both past the heel stage, and now it’s just a game of chicken between my patience and the remaining yarn… I knit them simultaneously so that I can be done with the project physically when I’m done with it mentally. It’s the only way I can ensure they’ll be the same size and shape as each other, since I wing it slightly differently virtually every time I make a pair of socks.), the news this week is that this little guy is finished and ready to head out into the world! Once I retrain myself on updating Etsy, he’ll be up for sale and hopefully he’ll head out to a new home. I’m calling this color combo “Piñata.”


In other news, my lovely “karmic balancing gift” of hand-dyed yarn from Ladybug Fiber Co. arrived a couple days ago, and I wound it into a cake (Is there a proper term for that? I have no idea.). The yarn is lighter weight than most of the socks I’ve made before, but it might actually be a good idea to make some lighter, less hefty socks around here… I’ll start on a pair just as soon as I’m done with the orange stripeys, and in the meantime, I promise I’m working on projects for October. There’s a hat with a nice long ribbed band and a collection of color-comparison piles swirling around on my yarn dresser. All the handspun, recycled, and various shades of neutral are out in plain sight and I’ve been planning lovely things for each of them. You’ll see piles soon!



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