On the needles

Yes, it’s July, and I live in Charleston. It was a nice chilly 88 degrees F today, and I haven’t worn socks (besides little athletic socks with sneakers) since we arrived here in April. Even though that’s the case, I can’t stop myself from knitting wool socks. The yarn even matches my raspberry tea.



6 thoughts on “On the needles

    1. If you care to submit some glamor shots of your most recent (and/or current) projects, I would be thrilled to have a guest post!


    1. It was entirely coincidence that the tea matches the reds in the yarn, but it sure was aesthetically pleasing. And delicious!


  1. I have to knit socks swapping back and forth between the pair (lots of needles are good for this and justify prepping for the apocalypse) because my tension and gauge vary too damn much across the span of projects. Not sure if it’s the weight of the project as it hangs on the needles (most likely and flattering possibility) or if I just change as I go through no clear cause. I have to do the same with sweater sleeves too or gawd help me.

    I swear my life far too often comes down to me desperately trying to outwit myself.

    #howcanIbesureIcantfuckthisup? Can we make this a thing?


    1. Oh please, yes! Sweater arms, socks, mitts, anything in pairs I have to knit simultaneously or the first one will be too long and the second one will be even longer. If I do them at the same time I get bored at just the right point to start making a heel or cuff! I don’t use hashtags (I only just started the instagram thing), but I think I should start if it involves pleading with the universe to keep my knitting from becoming a disaster.

      And I have you to thank for a good portion of my prepper-level collection of DPs. The ones in the most from a few days ago are mostly from my grandma and a couple friends who think they’re helping by (however generously) gifting me metal straights in sizes I never use.


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