Christmas in July

Yesterday afternoon, I received an email from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee of the Yarn Harlot blog, who has been one of my knitting inspirations for many years and whose site served as one of the many inspirations for this blog. She does a yearly biking event to raise money for the Toronto charity People With AIDS, which I think is a very good thing. Last year, while she was updating about her training and about the event itself, my reaction was essentially, “That’s all very nice, but where are the knitting pictures?” This year, I read up on the event, and the charity, and I read closer what Stephanie had to say about why she rides. I thought a lot about it, and as I am in a place to do so, I donated to the cause. Toronto may be far away, but it felt like something I should do. The Yarn Harlot collects names of people who donate on her behalf, and as part of what she calls “Karmic Balancing,” chooses people at random from that list and sends them gifts! Most of the gifts are donated by readers of her blog, many of whom have their own product lines (patterns, notions, yarn, fleece, dyes, etc.).

So, this email I received was an announcement that I had been selected to receive one of these Karmic balancing items, and I have won a very large skein of lovely sock yarn! It’s from Ladybug Fiber Company, and it’s in the colorway Ladybug. The colorway is a bit bright for me, I certainly would not have chosen it for myself, but for socks… Well, I believe in bright, cheerful socks. Especially when the yarn is hand-dyed by a fellow Yarn Harlot reader. There will be at least one pair of socks knit with this, and probably many heels and toes knit with the leftovers. I am so happy!

Ladybugstripe 2015-07-21

In the beginning of Stephanie’s most recent blog entry where she revealed the very sweet gift I’m about to receive, she mentioned her Christmas stash. This woman is a powerhouse when it comes to Christmas- she has spreadsheets, she writes countdowns, she knits Advent calendars. The blog post got me thinking about gifts, and about projects, and about being prepared early.

Then, last night, Wes and I were doing some stretching before bed and he put on a youtube medley of some Tuvan throat singers in the background. He usually picks something ambient, reminiscent of Enya or even some early classical music, but last night he went with something different. I recognized the main singer’s voice as the same guy, Kongar-ol Ondar (I DEFINITELY had to look that up), who had performed with Bela Fleck a few years back and appeared on their Christmas album, Jingle All the Way, which I loved despite my usual thoughts about holiday music. I told Wes about it, and we listened to a few songs, which got me thinking about Christmas again.

Then, this morning, a friend had a suggestion to write a blog post about making, planning, and stressing about (that last part is my addition) gifts. It’s all coming together- I’m starting now. While some family members and close friends read this blog, I probably can’t get too explicit about what’s being made and who will receive it. So not only is it like Christmas that I’m getting such a fabulous and unexpected gift, I’m choosing to take the hint that gift-making and preparation should start sooner, rather than later. Thanks, Universe.


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