Weekend edition

I finished my lace hat, and I really like how it turned out!


Since I didn’t follow the directions for number of stitches, the pattern didn’t apply for the crown decreases. I had to design the decrease to go with the pattern, and it ended up working out quite beautifully. Since the lace was very repetitive (only eight stitches per repeat, with 15 repeats), it worked out logically to continue the double decreases and omit one yarnover, then omit the second yarnover when it made sense with the number of stitches. I think it looks quite good, both because of the decreases and because of the way the colors spiral up.


Wes tried it on once I weaved in the ends, and he liked it quite a bit! It’s rare for him to like a lace pattern, much less a piece with several colors. I am content, despite having just knit a wool-blend hat in July in Charleston. A close-up of the stitch pattern itself:


The other major triumph of the weekend was a sewing project. I’ve been wanting a maxi skirt for a while, since pants are too stifling to wear around here this time of year. I have one maxi dress, but it has very thin straps and is a bit too casual (read: low-cut) for work. At a gathering a couple years ago, I traded a hat for a lovely, batik-reminiscent sarong-style scarf with these adorable elephants on it.


After a few other failed projects (too many to have posted here- I have a really hard time making up my own patterns to sew with my machine, yet for some reason I keep banging my head against it), I finally committed to making the sarong into a skirt. Disaster number one: the bottom was way too tight to walk in, but the top was way too loose to stay up. Disaster number two: I sewed it inside out. Then I decided to make it a dress, instead- sew the skirt to a shirt, with an elastic waistband. So I bought a thrift store tank top and tried again. Disaster number three: I sewed the gathering for the waistband with a straight stitch instead of a zigzag and did the gathering without attaching it to the elastic. Disaster number four: I sewed the elastic directly to the skirt, where it would be very visible. Then, finally, after confirming with Wes (a non-addled, outside perspective, not to mention a spatially aware, intelligent person) that the engineering of sewing the skirt inside out facing a certain direction, with the shirt facing a certain direction, with the elastic attached to the inside, and sewing it all together instead of in parts, would yield the desired results. I tried one last time.


It’s a little baggier around the hips than I’d like, and the seam between the shirt and skirt sits a smidge lower than I meant for it to, but I am VERY PROUD of this success. I think the belt is more than adequate to cover the seam between the sections, and I would have worn a belt with it anyway. I have a dress that fits me and is both colorful and tasteful! And it’ll be work-appropriate with a scarf or a cardigan! Also, I trialed-and-errored without resorting to buying a pattern, meaning I got to use up some fabric!

Other weekend highlights included: bahn mi from Pink Bellies downtown (delicious!), a drive to Bonneau’s Ferry (less delicious!), excellent cold-brew coffee from the Orange Spot coffeehouse (quickly becoming one of our favorites spots to hang out on weekends!), and a trip to the natural history museum at the College of Charleston (resulting in the addition of the word “flaplings” to our vocabulary!).



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