A Onelaststitch yarnalong update

Hello! I’ve been diving into a new summer read the last week or so, and making progress on the hat I showed you a few days ago. I wouldn’t have thought the two went together, since I don’t have a lap large enough to do both at once, but Ginny’s yarnalong, which she regularly updates on her blog, reminded me that other knitters like to read, too! Now that I type it out, there’s a resounding, “Duh!”

I love the comment she made about her book matching her knitting, and while my project-and-novel combo isn’t quite as coordinated as hers, I think the little goldenrod bits in my hat go nicely with the text on my book cover.


As I said in a previous post, this is my version of Gudrun Johnston’s Hermaness lace hat. The yarn is soft and lovely, but not too slippery or too sticky. I knitted a few rows while waiting at the DMV yesterday- for being a lace pattern, this chart is remarkably easy to pick up and put down without losing my place!

The book is an older PD James murder mystery featuring her hero Adam Dalgliesh. She’s a very British writer, and I often find myself fighting the urge to correct her punctuation, but she uses delightful vocabulary and has a way with descriptions that keeps me interested. I first heard about her in an NPR interview last year, which was rebroadcast to commemorate her death in November 2014. In the interview she read a section of one of her novels, and I was struck by the grace with which she described gruesome scenes- her novels feature frank, clear descriptions that reflect a detective’s sense of professionalism while maintaining a very human, very respectful quality. I’ve read two of her other Dalgliesh mysteries, and her inclusion of exquisite detail (a certain kind of match from a certain room in the church, burnt halfway and dropped into the fireplace grate) and unexpected plot elements (the charming older ladies with sleuthing tendencies who run the charity shop to which a victim’s handbag, along with a mishmash of other clothing, was donated) is excellent and fun.

I’m only a couple chapters into this particular book, but so far we’ve met the first two victims (a homeless man and a local politician with some skeletons in his closet), the old woman and little boy who discovered the bodies (who both have secrets of their own, naturally) , and the policing and autopsy teams (including, of course, the sensitive-but-devastatingly-intelligent Dalgliesh). I’m not usually a mystery reader, but PD James quickly became a go-to for fun, relatively quick reads.


2 thoughts on “A Onelaststitch yarnalong update

    1. I knew there were other Americans who read her! I’ve read three of her books now, and I’m looking forward to trying out her Cordelia Gray novels as well.


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