A Charleston Saturday

Today was hot, as usual. After an frustratingly challenging morning run, I just didn’t want to deal with it anymore. So instead of wallowing in the AC and avoiding it or suffering outside and complaining about it, I suggested we go to the beach, which was perfect. The water was cool, the sun was shining, the breeze was blowing… A wonderful way to spend the late morning.


Maybe most people don’t knit while at the beach, but I just couldn’t help myself. This is my version of Gudrun Johnston’s Hermaness lace hat featured in the current Fringe Hatalong. While I’m not usually one to follow patterns for smaller formulaic  projects like hats, there was something really lovely about this lace chart. Visually, it’s simultaneously simple and intricate, and technically, it’s simultaneously simple and intricate. Excellent beach/car/lunch break knitting. I didn’t bother to do the special cast-on or even look at the recommended number of stitches, since I think the undertaking of hats should be made as interesting and adventuresome as possible (otherwise I would never start one, much less finish it) if they’re for pleasure rather than business. So far it’s turning out great, and I can say for certain that it won’t end up being one of the comically large “hippie hats” that I used to be known to make.

This yarn is some lovely cotton-wool blend, hand-dyed sock yarn that my dad sent me from a skills gathering a month or so ago. When the hat is done I’ll definitely have enough left for some socks, and I think this soft, creamy sage blend is just lovely. I’m not usually a fan of such quickly alternating colors (give me some solids or stripes any day), but these complement so well that I’m swayed.


I don’t have pictures, since we were already in the water, but I got to experience the most delightful sight while we were taking a dip in the water. We were joking around, talking and enjoying, and in the distance I saw three fins- for the first brief moment I saw them, because of how well they were synchronized, they looked to be attached to one animal. I had a moment of concern, since there has been news of human-shark conflict in the area recently, although it seemed to be going at a good clip in a defined direction parallel to shore. But when the creature(s) surfaced again, I was able to see that it was not a bizarre and potentially dangerous three-finned beast but a small pod of dolphins! It was the closest I’ve ever been to wild dolphins. Even though all I saw was their fins, it was a joy to know that they’re out there and that I might see them again.

We followed up the beach visit with a stop to the Blue Bicycle bookstore downtown, then with an Indian buffet lunch at Nirlep. Excuse my language, but lunch was *&$%ing delicious. Like every other time I’ve eaten an Indian buffet lunch, I regret nothing despite suffering the consequences of my indulgences. I won’t need to eat again for a long time. Commence the previously-avoided wallowing in AC.

Overall, a superb way to beat the heat.


One thought on “A Charleston Saturday

  1. I’m relieved; that three finned beast could have been the beginning of a Sharknado! I heard Charleston was devastated by one that struck down in the third movie. I hope your city is able to recover swiftly! :p


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