I got a care package!

We were heading out to the store last night and I opened the door to this heavy, well-dressed box sitting on my porch. It’s from my dear friend Stephanie, partly a favor, partly a gift, and partly a hint.


Steph knows that I make colorful stuffed animals, like this octopus, and that cotton is my colorful-material-of-choice.


When I lived in her basement, she was a constant encouragement in all crafting endeavors. I believe it was while I lived there that I received an order for four of these funky darlings, so she was witness to just how much scrap yarn can go into them. With that said, I believe Steph’s secret message with this box was something like, “Hey, kid, don’t let a little thing like not having a giant stash of colorful cotton yarn keep you from making tons of fun and interesting things. Take this, and go knit stuff.”


There’s a delightful little craft supply shop in Northeast Portland, the Knittn’ Kitten, that I loved supporting when I lived there. If you live in or are visiting the area, I urge you to check it out and to support them. It’s an amazing place for vintage buttons and beads, crazy fabrics, notions, yarn, needles, patterns, and anything else crafty that someone’s grandma might have in her stash. Steph and I keep in touch about our knitting projects, and when she called me from the Knittn’ Kitten a couple weeks ago I had no choice but to let her talk me into ordering up some funky colors of plain old cotton yarn. On top of that, Steph has an amazing stash that’s only grown in the last couple years. Despite her prolific knitterly tendencies, she’s only managed to use up 204353698576 skeins of cotton (read: half the cotton stash) for dishcloths. So, she’s unloading some of the remaining mismatched/scrap stuff on me. What a care package! Note the knitted bathing suit pattern she tossed in there, I can only assume as a joke…


In other news, stay tuned for my Etsy shop, which is back up and will be running soon! I’m aiming to sell mostly jewelry and knitted animals in the summertime, and knitted accessories in the fall and winter.

Speaking of which, here’s what’s on the needles:


One thought on “I got a care package!

  1. Those big ones were Bernat handicrafter cotton mondo skeins that I wound because a skein twice the size of a loaf of bread is really awkward.

    What Sarah’s kindly not saying is that my mom died last year and I inherited her giant stash. She worked at a JoAnnes for a couple of years, stashing for retirement in yarn and paychecks, but cancer (the fast wtf kind) ruined that plan. So I got her immense 26 year stash of crap acrylic, and her 8 year stash of good yarn ( I was a strong influence as was Knittn kitten and Millie’s yarn store) but now I have to either knit it or get it to good homes because I cannot chuck it.

    The pattern is from an earlier time when models had beautiful bodies. Knit a suit, put it on etsy with a picture of that pattern and how will that not sell?

    Sarah, im glad you felt that I encouraged you. Especially since I’ve always tried not to let you feel that I think you’re insane to knit for money. But I play piano for money, that’s enough crazy for me.


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