Adventures in burnt sienna

This project has been a couple firsts for me. My first trip to Tuesday Morning for yarn, my first shawl, my first true attempt at blocking. Please excuse the photos for now, I’m still figuring out cameras and phone-cameras.

I love colors, and I love knitting. Somehow, though, I often end up knitting things in the same lovely, muted grays and browns and creams. When I venture into colorwork, it’s more often than not a deep blue, turquoise, purple, or sage green, usually combined with one of the above-mentioned creams, grays, or browns. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

With that said, I was immediately struck by this gorgeous, rich orange sock yarn. It’s Sock Ease, about 75% wool and 25% synthetic. Not just because it was $4, but because it was so different from what I usually knit. I go back and forth about orange in the rest of my life, but this deep burnt sienna just felt comfortable. So, I snatched it up.

I found the pattern, predictably, on Ravelry. It’s Ginkgo Crescent, by Jade Keaney, and to be honest, I was first captivated by her lovely and sunshiney choice of yarn. I think that might be why I was first drawn to this fabulous orange! I had started knitting the top-down Ginkgo Crescent with a skein of lovely hand-dyed sock yarn my dad traded for at a gathering a couple months ago, but I didn’t like the way the colors lined up when I got past the tiny short rows at the beginning of the pattern. So I frogged and started over with the solid sunset-colored Tuesday Morning yarn, and fell totally in love with the results. I labored over the decision to add two or three extra yarn charts, but with two extra I used nearly all of the skein, with just a little bundle left. Just under the wire!

I blocked! The shawl/scarf was too long to block on the ironing board, so it ended up getting pinned on our spare foam mattress, which worked quite beautifully (even though my phone’s camera did not). I used regular old straight pins in the foam, and even though there are techier and easier blocking options out there I think this suited me fine.


I ended up wearing it over the weekend when camping, and it was lovely! Not so long as to be in my way or so heavy as to be stifling, but still cozy enough to keep me warm in the chilly mountain morning air.


3 thoughts on “Adventures in burnt sienna

  1. What brand is that yarn? How many skeins did it take you? Bottom up or top down, did you block it with puns? I mean pins.

    Spell check is so inadvertently helpful being witty.

    Tell me more, I’m too lazy to go look up the pattern. Give me your gauge saga.

    More news more more, you’re a blogger, go nuts!


    1. Thanks, Steph! I added some more info- I hope I answered your questions. I’m still getting the hang of the picture stuff. I’m aiming to photo-document much more of the process in future posts.


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